I am going to photograph and identify at least 100 species of plant within walking distance of my home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#2 Mimosa

#2 Common name: Mimosa tree

Latin name: Mimosa (I don't know which variety it is exactly)

What I know about this plant: Deciduous; Palm-like branches with smooth, oval-shaped small leaves; grows out from many stalks into wide-reaching branches (more bush-like than tree-like); spiky pink flowers that bloom and wilt quickly many times in midsummer with a heavy, lovely scent reminiscent of peach and spices; develops long pods in late summer that dry and drop in autumn; VERY easily propogates with wind-blown seeds (All the neighbors have at least one, and I pull seedlings out of the garden every time I weed--all of these, I think, are from one original plant in the neighborhood)

Photos: (above, taken 3 July 2008) Mimosa is the flowering tree at center squashed up next to that crepe myrtle

(below left, taken 3 July) close-up of flower from above tree; (below right, taken 13 August) small Mimosa plant, maybe a year old, wind-seeded from the tree about 40 feet away
(below, taken 13 August) Close-up of pods

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